Sliders Repair Replace in Miami

Sliding doors are a highly-practical design feature as they move from side to side, and there is no need to have to leave space for a door to swing open. They also offer a picturesque, uninterrupted view of the outdoors. Sliding doors and patio doors, like many things in your home can break or get old and do not function properly. Do you find difficulty in opening your sliding doors? It shows urgent need of your sliding/patio doors repaired or restored. Because of their heavy, daily usage, it is easy to take our sliding doors for granted until it is too late. Not only your home’s comfort level but security and one of its emergency exits can be compromised too, depending on your sliding door’s sliders problem. Before your sliding doors leave your home vulnerable, take the warning signs of sliders seriously.

Our services

Your sliding glass doors are a wonderful asset to your home. They provide natural sunlight and are perfect for patios or indoors. Our expert mobile team of technicians will come to your home, equipped with a huge verity of all original parts to any sliding doors, patio doors, sliding glass doors, impact sliding doors, and more we have it all. We will get your slider of sliding door repair and enable your sliding door to move even with a finger. We serve for sliding doors all of Broward, Dade and West Palm Beach counties. Sliding Glass Door Service is your authority for high-quality services in Miami. We provide best of our services in repairing, installing and maintaining sliding glass doors.

Common Sliding Glass Door Repairs in Miami

Even the best sliding glass door may need a tune up every once in a while. Sometimes, patio doors become hard to open. In that case, you need to get your sliding glass door repair instead of exerting extra force and risking a broken door. Most of the time, patio glass doors become hard to open because the track is dirty or bent, or the rollers are broken. Always call in a professional for sliding glass door repair and maintenance. By hiring a professional for your sliding glass doors repairing, you ensure a safe removal of the heavy door and its parts, not to mention a correct and safe reinstallation after the repair is made.

Professional for Patio Door Replacement in Miami

While some sliding glass door problems can be repaired, broken glass must be replaced. This is a job best left to professionals. In order to replace the glass, you will need:
  • To carefully remove all pieces of broken glass from the door frame and track.
  • A new pane of glass perfectly fabricated to match your door frame.
  • The time and skill necessary to install the glass correctly.
Installing new patio glass doors is a time-consuming and difficult task. To avoid injury and hassles, it’s better to count on the professionals at Sliding Glass Door Services for heavy lifting. We have the experience and tools to handle patio door replacement quickly and easily.


Q.1. Will my sliding doors or windows need total replacement if they are damaged?

No, in rare cases we recommend replacement. In most cases 99% of the sliding doors and windows are repairable.

Q.2. How should I clean the sliders of glass sliding door?

Use a small brush and vacuum to remove dust and dirt. Clean grease with warm soapy water only.

Q.3. DO you charge for quotes on repairs?

No, all quotes are absolutely free.

Q.4. Will spray lubricant fix my sliding door?

No, spraying may provide a short term fix but the real problem will still be there and it may be causing further damage.

Q.5. What is involved in fixing the sliding door or sliding windows?

In most cases, the following applies:
  • dismantle and remove the sliding door or sliding window from the frame
  • remove and replace dmaged/worn roller wheels
  • repair/re-shape and clean the guide tracks
  • reassemble the sliding door or sliding window
  • realign the sliding door or window to the frame
  • make sure the door or window slides correctly and the locks or catches line up