Track Repair Replace in Miami

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Sliding doors and windows are usually sliding on a track. Track is the backbone of your sliding doors. The sliding door’s ability to glide open or shut totally depends on what goes on inside the two tracks, those little roller freeways along the top and bottom of the sliding door frame. A well-built sliding door will be designed to provide the least friction and obstacles for its rollers. If tracks of your sliding door gets dinged, bent and torn, your sliding doors will not open or close properly. Disorder of the track of sliding door can cause completely jam or stick. The longer you put off repair or replacement of slider tracks, the greater the consequences for repair or replacement of your sliding doors. Malfunctioning of track of sliding door can damage to rollers, ball bearings, and the frame itself. 

Why track of sliding doors need to be repaired?

Track repair is a needed maintenance routine that is recommended for any home that has a patio door setup.  Not only will this service keep your door working optimally it can prevent glass issues and rough closings due to normal wear and tear.  Our sliding door repair service is competitively priced and we can normally address any concern within 48 hours.  Call Sliding Glass Door Repair Services today to schedule a time to address these issues.

Our services

Sliding door track repairs can be as easy as a thorough cleaning. At times the problem might run deeper and require professional attention for bent or warped tracks need to be straightened out or replaced, depending on the level of damage. Sliding Glass Door Repair Services experts will get the job done quickly and skillfully. We are available 24/7 with equipped technicians to sort out your problems of sliding door repair and installation. Call today to get free consultation and free estimate to repair your sliding door track. Remember, a malfunctioning sliding door will put the security of your home at risk, but all that can be avoided with one quick phone call.
Sliding Glass Door Repair Services offers a full range of patio door repair options to address all you current issues.  Sliding patio doors are designed to roll smoothly through the track and allow any user to open and close these doors with little effort.  Unfortunately over time all patio doors will need some form of adjustment or repair to get them working optimally.
Sliding Glass Door Repair Services has been repairing these types of patio doors for over 18 years.  Our expertise in track repair is unmatched in the valley and we stock a wide range of replacement rollers and tracks to complete the most challenging jobs in short time.  Sliding Glass Door Repair Service is one of a handful of full service glass companies that actually addresses full threshold replacement.

Why choose us?

Sliding Glass Door Repair Services performs comprehensive sliding door repair and replacement services in Miami. Our team of expert, licensed professionals will take care of any issue, big or small, in a short time and at affordable costs. Whether you require sliding door repair, component repair or complete sliding door replacement, we are here for you with guarantee: great service at great prices, on-site and on-time.


Q.1. How do you install a sliding door track?

Repairing a sliding door track is one of the tricks of the trade. What you need to do is machine the old track back to a stump so you remove all the gauges and problems on the existing track. Then you need to custom lay a new sliding door track over the top of the current one.

Q.2. Is it expensive to fix a sliding door?

Fixing a sliding door is very cheap relative to replacing your current door with a new one. Unless you really dislike the look and feel of your current door, it will always be less expensive to fix your sliding door rather than replace it.

Q.3. Which sliding doors are the best?

The best sliding doors come down to personal preference. Having said that, we have put together a helpful page to outline the top 10 sliding door brands you might want to consider as a short list.

Q.4. Are you able to repair my sliding door and track?

Yes, we can fix your sliding door because we carry many different sliding door tracks and one will be suitable for your sliding door repair.

Q.5. Why my sliding door is noisy?

Some sliding door rollers that have tires are worn out completely, and the inner ball bearing is running on the sliding door track which causes the noise. We can replace the rollers and carriages and use durable nylon tires on the door rollers to run your sliding door quietly.