Broken Glass in Bay Harbor Islands

When it comes to home glass repair

Safety comes first when it is linked with glass. Sometimes cracked or shattered door glass cannot be repaired properly and must be entirely replaced. A hard slam of the door, a casual lean against it by your child, or even a strong wind can bring all the glass crashing down. Having cracked or a broken glass is indeed a difficult problem, and fixing it is an even more difficult challenge. But don’t you worry. We are there to sort this matter out. Our services regarding glass are:

  • Window glass
  • household glass furniture
  • sliding glass door
  • hinged glass door

Sliding Glass Door Repair Services will visit your home, provide an assessment of the glass damage, and offer a cost-effective solution that ensures your safety. Sliding Glass Door Repair Services maintains an extensive inventory of glass to replace a number of sliding-door styles, whether modern, classic, large, or small.

Our services

Understanding the problem is the key to finding the solution. Each customer has a distinct set of needs or glass-related problem. We acknowledge it well and treat each project differently, specifically and with attention to detail. We have always provided an individualized approach whenever we solve the problems of our client, be it glass repair, replacement, installation and more. Whether it’s just a chip, a large crack, a shattered surface or a total wreck, we are always here to help and render our services of glass repairing. This is something you can rely on. We will repair and restore your glass to new. Our philosophy is to offer a quality, customized workmanship at reasonable price. We also guarantee a responsive customer service of glass repairing. We have a team of experts who can handle glass windows, shelves, tabletops, mirrors, doors etc.

Window Glass Repair in Bay Harbor Islands

Windows are the most vulnerable to different kinds of damage, for example it your window glass can be damaged by a ball hitting by your children playing outside or it is cracked due to any reason. If you are in trouble of window glass damage and looking for glass replacement or repairing, give us a call as we are the best glass window repair and replacement services in the neighborhood. We can handle any type of window panes. We can even replace foggy and blurry windows.

Custom Home Glass Repair in Bay Harbor Islands

We use individualized approach in dealing with your glass problems. We provide custom glass solutions to our clients. We listen to their needs and wants, and then tailor our services of glass repairing. We have a team who will discuss with you on various customization options available for your glass needs, whether tabletops, mirrors, windows and others.

Custom Mirrors in Bay Harbor Islands

Whether you need to install a custom mirror or have it repaired, we are the right choice to call. We can repair your custom mirrors and make them look and function as good as new. We also provide and install a variety of mirrors to add style and character to your living room, kitchen, entryway or bedroom. We can provide the right kind, quality and size of mirror suitable for the particular spot of your home.

Types of Safety Glass in Bay Harbor Islands

Safety glass is a general term for any glass treated to be safer. There are multiple types available:

  • Toughened or tempered glass, which breaks off into square crystals instead of long shards. Tempered glass is commonly used in homes for shower doors, windows, table tops and more.
  • Laminated glass, it is a combination of glass and plastic. When glass breaks, it’s held in place by a layer of PVB plastic, which holds the shards in place. This is the type of glass used in automobile windshields.
  • Wired glass, it is made up of glass held together by a mesh of metallic wires. The glass itself is actually weaker than other types of window glass. Wired glass is the most fire resistant option for certain applications like service elevators.
  • Tempered glass, a kind of safety glass. This is a very common material for residential usage, and it is used in certain areas such as near doors and in showers.


Q.1 What areas do you serve?

We serve commercial and residential customers throughout Bay Harbor Islands. See a complete list of service areas on each page.

Q.2 Is your work of broken glass guaranteed?

Absolutely. For all new installations, you will receive the manufacturer's warranty in addition to a warranty on the installation work.

Q.3 We did not have thick glass before, why do I have it now?

We always glaze to your safety and security. The standard will denote what thickness of glass or style of glass we need to re-glaze in.

Q.3 We did not have thick glass before, why do I have it now?

We always glaze to your safety and security. The standard will denote what thickness of glass or style of glass we need to re-glaze in.

Q.4. DO you replace all types of mirrors: framed or unframed?

Yes we can. For our services of glass repair, call us, and we will be pleased to serve you in any manner.

Q.5 How much does it cost to fit a standard glass of door?

The cost of replacing glass depends on a number of factors. Please call us to arrange a quote for you.