Sliding Glass Door Rollers Repair in Bal Harbour, Fl


Sliding doors are a magical invention of the current age. Half of the magic is in the sliding door rollers, wheels and ball bearings. Sliding doors operate on a roller mechanism that helps them move back and forth smoothly. Sliding door rollers are made of plastic and accommodate easily inside a metal casing. If it stops functioning properly, it needs care. In case of disorder of sliding door roller, the rollers begin to skip or hop-along as you open and close sliding your door. It’s not just about the convenience of a smoothly operating sliding door, but safety, keeping your sliding door functioning properly and not compromising the security of your home and family. In case of malfunctioning of Sliding door rollers, call Sliding Glass Door Repair Services today before your track is worn out!

Types of Sliding Door Rollers

  • Rusty Patio Door Rollers
  • Cast Metal Rollers
  • Tandem Rollers
  • Non Adjustable Patio Door Rollers

Our Sliding Door Roller Repair Services

Once you replace the sliding door rollers, your sliding door will open with no effort as it is new, if the roller is fixed professionally. Either you have to replace the sliding door roller or repair it, a quick job is required. Dysfunctional sliding door rollers are often paired with clogged or even misaligned door tracks which result in a jammed door and can lead to more complications. We offer a full range of sliding door repair and replacement services in Bal Harbour from roller to handle, from track to glass. With one quick phone call, our team will be on its way to provide you with the best sliding door roller repair experience. Our experts get the job done quickly and at convenient rates.

Replacement of Faulty Parts Of Sliding Door i.e. Roller

We, Sliding Glass Door Services, not only repair and install new sliding doors, but we are expert in replacement of faulty parts (rollers) of your sliding door. Sliding Glass Door Services staff maintains a parts kit with the most common ones.

Knowing when your sliding door roller needs repair and replacement, Sliding Glass Door Services should be your priority because we are equipped and acknowledge your time value and replace faulty sliding door rollers in no time to restore your sliding door to functioning condition.

Why choose Miami Sliding Glass Door Repair Company for Roller Repair?

We are quick, equipped, experienced and reliable. We only employ professional sliding glass door experts to work on your problem. We have the tools and equipment necessary to do the job quickly. We have door specialists who can perform the services you need. It doesn’t matter if you need a sliding door repair or a sliding door replacement, we are here for you with great service at affordable prices.


Here are some people asked the frequent questions about sliding door roller repair.

Q.1. How long do the wheels or rollers underneath the sliding glass door last?

It depends on the weather, cleanliness to the track, and if it's a dual-pane or single-pane door.

Q.2. Are there rollers on top of a sliding glass door?

No, the rollers are only at the bottom.

Q.3. Can you adjust the sliding door roller to make it work better?

In some cases, yes, but it's very rare that this will permanently fix the problem. The life of the bearings in the rollers makes the door rolls properly.

Q.4. What can I do for the maintenance of my sliding door roller?

Vacuum the track and clean it with acetone or alcohol. Spray a little silicone and wipe excess on top track and bottom.

Q.5. Can I fix my sliding door myself?

Sure, anything is possible but if you have not had experience in fixing doors you may find:

  • spend a lot of time and money with no result
  • possibly break the glass
  • make it worse than it was before